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Suzanne Voter

Mortgage Specialist

(530) 613-8423

32 years in the mortgage industry has shown me who is most important in the loan transaction, and it is not the bank.  As the borrower, you have control of what your final goals are and working with a true professional that listens to you is key to the best outcome.


Suzanne is that professional.  Helping thousands of borrowers achieve their goals whether it is purchasing a home or refinancing, for so many reasons, Suzanne has proven she knows whom she works for and takes each person as they are.  Helping achieve their goals.


Coming from the Bay Area in 1987, raising her family here and being a strong part of the community, serving on many boards and organizations including her current roles as Treasure of the Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce for the past 4 years and Co-founder of the extremely successful networking group 60/40.  Her heart is based in giving more than she expects to receive.

NMLS:  230270

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